Plant ID 1
Species Annuum
LocationHome / Deck
Date PlantedOct 10, 2019
Seed SourceNew Zealand / Unknown - maybe kings seeds
Grow MethodSoil
NotesThe planted date is appox, but it was germinated in october 2019 from memory.

This plant lives in a pot. I have some-how had fruit off this plant for 3 years. Last year it was quite small, this year even smaller (plant and yield).

Not a huge producer of fruit but still seems happy in 2022 (end of season).

I bring it inside during winter and it gets some sun but not a lot over winter.
visibility Observation
Apr 23, 2022
image Coming to the end of its third season for fruit.

Nights are getting colder with lows of about 6c now but daytime highs max 25 but often 18.

Time to bring inside.

Top of the canopy is only about 8 inches high this season.