Plant ID 1
7 Pot - Red
Species Chinense
LocationAyr, Scotland
Date PlantedMar 5, 2022
Seed Source
Grow MethodSoil
Notes'7 Pot - Red' seeds purchased from "". Germinated in wet paper towel in a tub and placed in a dark hot boiler room. Germination period lasted around 2 days and then I transferred the seedling into a small pot with a peat free seed sowing compost mix. Since then I've had the seedling under a 40watt LED grow light. I've had the timer set to 12 hours per day and also when the sun is out the plant thrives on the windowsill. I've also added a Grenebo heating mat with a digital thermometer set to roughly 40 degrees Celsius.
visibility Observation
Apr 23, 2022